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Admission fees

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Admission fees
between 01. March 2018. and 01. November 2018.

The fort is open every day between 9.00 and 18.00 hours
Tickets available till 17.00


Combined ticket

Danube Bastion ticket

Adult person

1.600 HUF

  700 HUF

Adult person with guidance

1.800 HUF


Group of adults with guidance (above 15 person)

1.600 HUF

   700 HUF

Student and pensioner

 1.200 HUF

   600 HUF

Group of student and Pensioner with guidance

1.250 HUF


Family ticket (2 adults and their children under 18)

3.400 HUF

1.500 HUF

Family ticket with guidance

3.800 HUF


For desabled person + 1 attendant
(with valid certificate)

    800 HUF

   500 HUF

The combined ticket includes access to: the Military History Exhibit, “Invisible fortress”  interactive artillery exhibit, Adventure and Experience Corridor in the casemate,Danube, ships, crafts” exhibit, Bread Museum, Military Technology Park, Austro-Hungarian Empire Exhibit, Soviet Era Exhibit, Danube Bastion Lookout, the entire casemate system and the fortress

The Danube Bastion ticket includes access to: the Danube, ships, crafts” exhibit

The Danube Bastion ticket is only available at the bastion.

Open to visitors with a guide: the Firearms Instruction Hall, 19th Century Canon Hall and “Red shadow” Soviet exhibit

Entrance is gratis for our visitors under 6.
Visiting only the yard of the fort needs valid admission fee as well.

Guided tours: Guided tours are with guides of Fort Monostor avaliable. In case the group has an own guide, the Fort ensures a colleague, who opens the closed doors and controls observing accident prevention rules.
Fee:                                                                                                       300 HUF/ Person


Adult:                                                                                                  500 Ft/ person
Student, pensioner (with valid certificate)                     400 Ft/ person
Family (2 adults and their children under 18 years):      800 Ft  

Entrance is gratis for our visitors under 6.    

Tickets including guided tour of Fort Monostor  ensure  50 % discount at tickets in Fort Igmándi on the same or the next day of visit at Fort Monostor.