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Fort Igmándi

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Fort Igmándi
Fort Igmándi
Fort Igmándi


In addition to the tombstones and sarcophagi associated with the death cult and symbolizing the eternal, joyful afterlife, the exhibition displays numerous altar stones depicting the manifold nature of the Roman religion, along with a number of milestones and building structures with inscriptions and representations that reveal us the secrets of everyday life and life- and death-related beliefs in the settlement of Brigetio destroyed long ago. At the same time, the relics give visitors a thorough insight in the organizational structure of the former town as well.

The exhibition is open to visitors from March to November.


Bombing and air-raid protection in Komárom
during World War 2

The purposes of air-raid protection are preparing the civil population for behaviours to be followed during air raids against the country, protection of human life, protection of industrial infrastructural and cultural values during bombing as well as performance of relief works necessary as a result of bomb attacks. The exhibition shows the relevant events taking place in Komárom during World War. At the exhibition, we can have a picture of local air-raid protection organised on the basis of national regulations. We can get familiar with the activity of the Hungarian Civil Defence League and the symbol system of air-alert. In addition to the then warning placards, we can read information and leaflets on steps to be taken in the case of an air attack.

The exhibition may be visited individually without guidance. Groups may ask for guidance on the basis of prior arrangement. The air-raid shelter can be visited only with guidance.